Spirit of openmediabank

We've been telling stories around campfires for thousands of years. Stories educate and entertain. Stories teach and re-enforce our social fabric. Succeeding technologies have let us empower and extend the reach of our storytelling. The printed word crossed miles, communities, and generations.

Video gave our stories more impact! Video deepens the experience by engaging multiple senses and providing more story in less time. Movies became a mainstream experience in the 1930s, TV broadcast in the 1960s, and documentaries and news in the 1990s.

By 2000 the internet began to sublimate our one-to-many media experience with a many-to-many social experience. The last decades also saw rapidly expanding use of Video-On-Demand (VOD) — first in physical media (tapes and discs) then in electronic delivery (files and streaming).

VOD consumption is initially being driven by the desire for greater choice and to reduce the increasing costs of broadcast (cable, satellite, off-air). However the current user experience of electronic VOD are simple Media Center-like solutions. As long as your choice is small and you know what you want, this works, but as the choices in your library or your vendors' libraries increase, you quickly loose the ability to easily navigate and explore your choices.

As you find great stories you'll want to remember and share them. A simple like or link quickly becomes insufficient. VOD enables powerful new ways of enjoying and sharing stories. You can share inside the content or connect several titles into a larger story — building and sharing your own, unique stories... And your stories may span across various media...

openmediabank is a stealth start-up designed to break away from the early VOD approaches and offer a richer experience, enabling much better exploration, socialization, and a watch anywhere approach unavailable today. We call it,

Your media, your way!


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