From the back of a napkin ... to the final ProductFrom the back of a napkin ... to the final Product


This site is designed to provide insight into my skills, experience, and vision in the technology sector. It is a bridge between resume and getting to know each other.

There are always a handful of entrepreneurial ideas percolating in the back of my mind. The Vision tab will lead you to a few summaries.

As a native Californian who started at Intel at age 15, I’ve amassed a great amount of experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for living on the technical bleeding edge. My forte is:

Knowing technical products extremely well
Developing and refining the user experience — software and hardware
Positioning products or a small company in their market space
Executing on the positioning through marketing and sales

In a larger company these skills make a strong Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager. In start-ups I prefer Sales and Marketing, which provides the greatest exposure to customer requirements and their reaction to our message.

To explore my background further, please see:

ProfileSummary of skills
PortfolioA few highlights from recent companies
Brief ResumeHistorical context

Hope you find this site useful, feedback is always encouraged.

Let's talk, Kris


Postscript: this site was quickly assembled around 2007 for a few discussions. The visions section was updated in 2012 to reflect more recent work.

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