From the back of a napkin ... to the final ProductFrom the back of a napkin ... to the final Product


A few recent examples of corporate / product positioning:

Newfield Wireless

Newfield Wireless was ready to take their first product to market. Here are some of the steps I took to position the product, position the company, and sell the products:

Developed corporate and product presentations;
Formed initial position, evaluated competition, and identified differentiating factors. Initially focused on features, vision, alliances, and price;
Developed a broader vision by instigating a wider set of products – 3 new products were identified and 2 were developed;
Designed first collateral package – folder and brochures for products #1 and #2;
Presented the product – then products, to a series of US and international prospects;
Made first sales into US customers, for product #1 and product #2;
Introduced company into Trade Shows – developed first signage;
Built alliances with several concomitant companies;
Designed and wrote new web site, including private customer login areas;
Identified weakness of the first product, and developed a white paper to address the value proposition of product #1;
Identified core weakness in the second product and pushed for correction.


MediaCloud had received funding, but had not tested the product ideas with prospects. These are some of the steps taken to develop the market:

Re-wrote corporate / product presentations;
Tested original business model with first prospects. It did not have buy-in from customers – too nebulous;
Developed a new business model with CEO. Tests with prospects were much more positive;
Developed and managed more than 20 major media customers;
Identified and managed two beta customers – ready to commit to extensive consumer trials;
Determined value proposition and new pricing structure with customers;
Modified web site to reflect new business model;
Wrote brochure for new product.



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