While at Media Cloud circa 2001, we developed a solution for linking real-world items - ads, articles, radio and TV, with internet content. Since advanced cellular telephone solutions were more accepted in Europe we were introducing the concept to major media companies in Europe as an additional service to their customers. The dot-com collapse stopped our work with our beta customers.

My thinking was to roll-out the project in 2 phases. Phase 1 would be for static content - magazine and newspaper ads and articles, billboards, product labels, etc. Phase 2 would capture time-dependent dynamic links on radio and television.

When the iPhone was released I explored developing the two phase solution based on multiple underlying technologies with a single, unified user experience. Several technoliges have been made available as small apps — such as QR code readers, but no unified experience seems to be available yet. A unified experience has some crucial marketing advantages.

There is an opportunity here, but I chose to take a different path...

Hyperlink Your World!


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